Places of interest in Rabat, Malta.

Walks across Rabat

Yes, just walk across Rabat and you will see countless amount of beautiful places.

Parish Church of Saint Paul

Amazingly beautiful Baroque church, built in 17th-century.

Casa Bernard

This is 16th-century palazzo, which belonged to famous Maltese family.

Rabat Local Council

According to the act of parliament, the year 2002 was marked for a significant event in Rabat history as it is exactly the date of appearance of the Rabat Local Council. The aim of creation of local councils was to preserve purity and provide public property with the proper maintenance.

Responsibilities of Local Councils

Nowadays the range of services offered by the local councils has much widened due to the certain changes in their responsibilities spectrum with Bad Credit Payday Loans Online from, which refer to the residents as well as guests of Rabat. Local councils have been provided with the broader obligations based on the recent reforms, which state that the initial mission of the up-keep and development should take place taking into account the natural environment protection meeting the definite parameters. Commercial entities have also benefited from the new local councils’ roles.

Being one of the most desirable places to visit among a great number of tourists, Malta council does its best to provide the best possible performance of its functions and responsibilities concerning both Maltese residents and visitors.

Main Successful Projects of Rabat Local Council

As the responsibilities of the council cover the city improvement and providing housing and amenities for rural settlements, the projects include the following points:

  • The largest part of the roads has been resurfaced.
  • A lot of public utilities have been improved.
  • Village core has been given a new life with the help of nice alleys due to the resurfacing.
  • Restoration of the historical monuments.

Much improvement in rural areas has been provided with the aim to make these places one more destination of the travelers.

Free Education Programs

Today all residents of Rabat regardless their age are able to use an opportunity to enjoy free educational programs, which include computer study. Moreover, there are literacy lessons for adults provided in the native Maltese language and the international English language. Those who don’t want to stop studying during holidays may use the chance to visit classes that offer a lot of academic subjects. At the moment the local council is thinking about realizing an idea of classes, where students may get a helping hand in doing their homework.

The projects’ list may be continued as the mentioned ones are just a few of those ideas that are going to be fulfilled by the local council. It is not surprising as Rabat has always been the historical city performing the function of the cultural center of Malta.