Initiatives of the Local Rabat Council in the Sphere of Education

It is known that the local council of Rabat, Malta takes care about improvement in all spheres of residents' life, including taking an active part in educational activities. As a result nowadays there are many programs, which have already started working. Moreover, the local council takes initiatives concerning further development in the sphere of education and has many projects in progress currently.

Residents of Rabat, Malta are able to benefit from the following privileges provided by the council:

  • Extracurricular educational programmes.
  • Free access to all educational courses and materials.
  • An opportunity to learn without any age restrictions.

Among the classes that are offered for the residents of Malta there are computer literacy programmes, which knowledge is very important nowadays in the age of information technologies, regardless of your age.

One more achievement of the local council of Rabat has become an investment in the classes in languages: Maltese and English website bad credit loan. These educational programmes are provided specially for adults, who haven't had an opportunity to learn the languages on the appropriate level before. Literacy classes in languages have been arranged on the free basis as well as their aim it to provide the residents of Rabat with a wide spectrum of new opportunities in life in general.

The key to success of any healthy society is knowledge and local council is aware of this. That's why classes in different academic subjects have been organized. The main purpose of this free educational programme has been to provide students with a chance to progress in studies while having enough spare time during the period of holidays.

One more initiative that is directed at the improvement of the educational sphere is an organization of classes providing additional help to those who have difficulties with accomplishment of the projects given as a hometask at school.