Rabat Local Council

Rabat Local Council


The Local Council of Rabat, Malta, was established by an act of parliament fifteen years ago. The original mission of local councils was to maintain cleanliness in their respective localities and the maintenance and up-keep of public property. 

Today, the scope of local councils has evolved. The responsibilities of local councils have widened in order to provide a wide spectrum of services to residents, commercial entities and visitors alike. Newly enacted reforms to the roles of local councils continue to broaden their responsibilities and obligations. Their role today also requires that such development and up-keep is also carried out in a way that it preserves the natural environment and is within the parameters of sustainable development.

The Rabat (Malta) council is striving harder every year to maintain its commitment not only to its residents but also to the Maltese population and to the many tourists who visit our islands and see Rabat as a must-see destination. Among such projects which the Local Council has completed is the re-surfacing of a substantial part of the road network and the upgrade of numerous public utilities.  The historical village core has also been given a new lease of life. A number of the romantic winding alleys that adorn the village have been resurfaced and refurbished with flagstone or concrete print. The Rabat Local Council is investing a lot of funds on the resurfacing of rural roads, namely Landrijiet, Kuncizzjoni, Tas-Salvatur and Tas-Salib. On the other hand the Rabat Local Council submitted various applications to obtain funds for the restoration of monuments, for the embellishment of the village core, and to enhance the rural areas and thus promoting these parts as another tourist destination.

Another commitment that the Rabat Local Council has persevered to maintain is to provide extracurricular education for the benefit of it residents.  The Council provides free educational programmes in a private public arrangement where students of all ages are given the opportunity to attend computer literacy classes. The Local Council has also invested in adult education courses, offering literacy classes in the Maltese and English language.


The Rabat Local Council has also set up classes in various academic subjects for students who wish to catch up on their studies over the holiday period. Another initiative which the Council is also considering is that of forming classes where students may be assisted in their home works and other studies in school projects.


The above mentioned projects are only a few of the tasks that the Rabat Local Council has set itself to deliver, and delivered over the years. This historical town which has for centuries been part of the administrative and cultural heart of the Maltese Islands, deserves it, and the ‘Kunsill Lokali tar-Rabat, Malta’, will continue its enduring effort to deliver it.


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