Bahrija Information

Being a small rural village, Bahrija is situated on high grounds in the Western part of Malta. Its name means “moth” in English. This place is one of the must-see tourists’ destinations as here you may be lucky to see a lot of interesting things ether you are an archaeologist, ecologist or just an ordinary tourist. There is an overview of Bahrija village and everything it is rich in.

“Presents” from Prehistoric and Medieval Times

Among the most significant things, which remained from medieval times and even earlier period, there are archaeological remains, including:

  • Megaliths.
  • Pottery.
  • Settlement of Bronze age.
  • Cart-ruts.
  • Tombs of the Punic age.
  • Stone huts.

The best prehistoric and medieval examples can be found in Valetta in the Museum of Archaeology.

Flora and Vegetation of Bahrija

Those who like various plants and flowers should definitely visit this place as here you will see unique flora examples. Bahrija Valley is known for the freshwater spring with water being carried during all seasons. This fact is able to contribute to the improvement of the flora habitat conditions. Here you may see the following species:

  • the great reed,
  • Maltese rock centaury,
  • the white poplar and others.

Widespread residents of Malta: Freshwater-Crab and Sardinian Warbler

Among the frequent visitors of the Maltese Islands is the Sardinian warbler that had come here only in winter before. As for the freshwater crab it is one of the endangered species.

As for the difference between male and female they are provided in detail.

What else can be found in Bahrija area?

It is worth noting that the view of the countryside is really splendid. Having found yourself in Bahrija nobody will be bored as there are many things to do: have a cliff walk and investigate the Victoria Lines.

Moreover, this rural area is well-known for its delicious grape vines as well as other fruits.